Poke Her Phase.

(Download here )

Okay, I think I've been holding out and I've finally succumbed to all that is this performer (well, this remix at least).  I just find it funny how there is supposedly all this furor over her live personal appearance at this year's White Party in Palm Springs.  Apparently, right during peak-time with DJ Manny Lehman , she busts out with a full-on CONCERT STOP complete with piano and ballads!  Buzz kill???  Well, maybe.  Here's a direct quote from the Circuit Party Insanity listserv :

"OMG!  I fell out into a "Lady Gag Show Hole" at WPPS Main Event"

But from all accounts, people had the choice to see what is probably THE hottest act right now in pop music or simply shift to a smaller room where the club and 'circuit sounds' were still being played by Chi Chi LaRue .  She was also a small break in between 5 hours of the opening DJ and about 3 hours of the closing DJ.  Okay, I ain't a Circuit Gurl anymore, but I do appreciate someone's artistic talent whether I like them or not.  That goes for DJ's at clubs too.  There have been many times I've been to parties where I could care less for who's spinning.  My simple response was to just LEAVE or move on or just hang with my friends who may be enjoying it.  To stand there and just complain is to act like a self centered and selfish ass.  I don't think I ever acted like that back then.  If I did, maybe I was high or something.  Oh wait ....        ;-)


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