Thinking of you.

I'm obsessing over this song for some reason today. It's a cover of a Sister Sledge / Chic track from 1979 done by Paul Weller. The original is a lush vocal disco number and the video below is a great soulful take on it. IAMSOLUVINGIT!



eguinan said...

Paul Weller has always been an odd one. After the mod credibility of The Jam, he went all pop with The Style Council and even then they had a 'house album' that went pretty much unreleased at the time. Check out their cover of Promised Land http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRWM7NyTd8Q

And then he went all indie credible again for a few years before doing his cover of Sister Sledge. His most recent album 22 Dreams is really good.

Mike said...

yes, i am familiar with that cover! i'm such a sucker for those 'blue eyed soul' kind of voices. i wish someone sang to me in one of those kinds of voices. {sigh} LOL.

Riviera View said...

that was great. :)