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Did anyone catch the 2-hour pilot for Virtuality last week??? The link for the full episode is above. It's a new sci-fi pilot from the same guy that brought Battlestar Galactica back. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey vs The Real World vs Melrose Place on ecstacy. Not that I know how that feels. Ahem. Sci-fi + drama + intrigue = EYELUVIT! LOL.

Anyway -- it tells the story of a starship crew who are on a long range mission. The crew use virtual reality devices to 'pass the time' and of course something goes horribly wrong. According to this article, a full fledge series may not come into fruition because Fox doesn't think audiences can handle the complexity of the storyline. That simply means, it needs to be dumbed down ... a lot. Also, since this coming from Fox, they may have to delete the gay couple too [watch 'em ... they're HOT]! Which leads me to believe why/how this part of the storyline actually made it to the air. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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