It's October! To get you all in the mood, here's a little 'moody' mix I whipped up this week.
It's not so much of a dancefloor filler but geared more towards listening on the headphones or
simply grooving along. I was blasting this today in my convertible tonight coming home from
the movies. Tell me if you like it... (click the mix title below for tracklisting)

Thrilled  by  flip4bearz


Anonymous said...

This is total dancefloor filler - whatchutalkingabout?!

What's the "Times Like These' track around 20mins in?

Anyway, great stuff! Eyeluvit! :)

Mike said...

Thanks Enda! That track you're asking about is called "Times Like These (EDX's Indian Summer Remix) by Albin Myers. :-)