Bingo Players - Devotion.

(Bingo Players - Devotion)

Since I got a little carried away with my FFC (Fun Friday Choon) selection earlier this week with Gabriella Cilmi, I thought I'd make a mention of this particular track from late last year. The guys behind the Bingo Players can do no wrong in my book. It's interesting, however, how dj's and producers basically remix old songs (in this case a track by Nomad from 1991) and re-release it as their own. I don't know -- by all accounts the vocal track/sample sounds the same. Aside from all of the new production elements and minus the rap part, it's a "remix", right? Either way -- it reminds me of my early club kid days back in Washington, DC when I first started going out. Sigh.....

(Nomad - Devotion)

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