I think I've made mention last week how I'm all about ENTERPRISE, one of the Star Trek series that aired 2001-2005.  I'm actually kind of PRESSED about it ... to the point that I've filled up my Netflix queue with the the entire series on DVD.  I think I'm up to disc 5 of season 1 in just the span of a week and a half.  Anyway, the timeline of this takes place in the absolute beginning of the Star Trek saga (before the original TV series in the 70's and even the current movie from 2009).  I like it because the point of view is different and makes you feel like you're watching a TV show with a contemporary storyline.  Even the show's power ballad theme song (written by Diane Warren) kind of throws you off making you think, "Am I watching a sci-fi show or what?"  Oh yeah -- there seems to be a whole lot of "undress" in it too.  Hmmmm.

The bunch of yummy-ness up above is Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, III played by Connor Trineer. Apparently, square cut boxer briefs are still in fashion in the near future.  Me likey!

There's more sexiness from another episode in a "decontamination chamber" below:


Anonymous said...

Trip, pass me some of the gel eh? :)

Mike said...

riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!?! lol.