Missed a day.

From Pic a day
Whoops. Looks like I missed a daily blog update. Oh well -- you're getting double the amount of commentary in exchange!

So the pic above shows me at the gas station pumping gas for the minivan I'm borrowing while my car is in the shop. Yes, I'm driving a glamorous late model Ford Aerostar grocery getter while my cute little red VW Cabrio is being fixed for a radiator leak and some other electrical problems. My mechanic guy has had it for a week so far and has yet to tell me what the EXACT problem is. All this waiting just tells me it's going to be really expensive to fix.

In other news, I just got back from Target and bought the GLEE Season 1, Volume 1 "Road to Sectionals" DVD that just got release this week. To make the experience even more gayer, I just HAD to get THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA blu-ray as well. (Hey, it was only $9.99). Of course the cashier dude felt the need to chat me up on my purchase(s) and chime in on the later movie, "Totally hilarious!" Um, I just wanted to get my GLEEK ON and just walked away.

Oh yeah -- I had my annual performance review at work today. I'm guessing that I did well because I didn't get any negative remarks about my productivity, etc. Too bad I didn't get an annual increase in salary though. THANKS WORLD ECONOMY! :-P

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