It was the LA Marathon this weekend! The first marathon I've ever trained for that I ultimately CAN'T run...this time. I unfortunately injured my knee twice last month and had to drop out. It's all good, though. I was part of the largest fundraising group to participate in the 2012 LA Marathon! AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) brought in a staggering $325,000 to help those in need in the greater LA area. The journey I took along with my other 195+ team members was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. Although, I wasn't able to complete this session, I have made the promise to myself (and to my donors) to join in the training for the 2012 Honolulu Marathon coming up later this year in December. Training in LA starts this June. Wish me luck!
This month's installment is a mix in 2 parts. I'm digging deep back again into the flip4bearz vaults. It's 90's for ya nerves kiddies. Learn it! ;-)
Madonna - Human Nature (Bottom Heavy Dub) (1994)
Bjork - Big Time Sensuality (Dom T - Big Time Club Mix) (1993)
Juliet Roberts - Caught in the Middle (Sunrise Mix) (1993)
Martha Wash - Give It To You (Momo's Klub Mix) (1992)
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (Classic Club Mix) (1990
Precious Red - Think (Precious Femail Preachin' Hip House Mix) (1989)
Liberty City - Some Lovin' (Fierce Ruling Dub) (1993)
The Fog - Been A Long Time (Original Club Mix) (1993)
Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (Master at Work Dub + Got-a-Groove Beats) 1991)
Ceybil - Love So Special (Extended Remix) (1990)
Clubland feat Zemy Hamilton - Hold On (Tighter To Love) [To Die For Mix] (1991)
Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava (Grant Nelson's 3 Tier Experience) (1995)
K-Klass - Let Me Show You (Klub Mix) (1996)
Veerus & Livin Joy - Dreamer 2009 (Baggi Begovic & Groonatics Remix) (2009)
Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling On (MK Dub Revisited) (1995)
LNR - Work it to the Bone (Vocal) (1989)
Marshall Jefferson feat DJ JRS - Move Your Body (The House Up Groove Mix) (2008)
Ralphi Rosario & Xavia Gold - You Used To Hold Me (Kenny 'Jammin' Jason Mix)(Mercury Edit) (2000)

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