Spice sighting.

I picked up my friend Curtis today at the Long Beach Airport and we hung out in the Hollywood / West Hollywood area for most of the afternoon. We ended up at The Grove and strolled around. Lo and behold I saw Victora Beckham (entourage and all) shopping at the Nordstrom shoe department. Now, I'm soooo not the start struck type, but I did get a kick out of it. Just because I live in the LA area, it doesn't mean that it's always the big celeb sighting mecca. I definitely don't hang out in places where they do, but I'm just a little excited about seeing the Spice Girls show in December. My other friend Mike said that the tickets already arrived last week! Yayy.

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Jeff in MD said...

Woo! Tops our one and only celebrity sighting here in Minneapolis- we saw Suze Orman at the Mall of America a few months ago. Haha.