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I just came across an article online about how a close friend was arrested recently for "charges of conspiring to possess and distribute" a large amount of illegal drugs back home in DC. Wow! I first heard about this in hearsay right about when it happened, but to actually read about it in print just kind of put me on edge. It's no secret that one of the reasons for me moving to California last year was to get away from that scene and start anew with a clean slate so to speak. In many ways I'm glad that I got away from it all ... lucky, even! I'm just saddened that this happened to someone I know. I think most people have their own reasons why they do the things they do. For me, the partying stemmed mainly from going to clubs and hearing great music. I was always into music and dj's and the drugs, to me, just helped me to extend the party. For some, I'm sure alterior motives were in play, but I think I can safely say it was just the music for me. FOR REAL! The parties and various social interactions I got myself into (that I would have never done previously) were all just added bonuses. I've written here before that I've experienced a renaissance of sorts in my life in years past. Coming out of my 'shy' shell and simply being 'out and about' was such a milestone in my life. Were the drugs a major part of that? Sure! Of course it was, but it wasn't the only thing. Fast forward to today, it's been over a year now since I have been a part of that 'scene'. It was rough at first, but I got through it. I really don't have an addictive personality and when I found myself falling into this never ending hole of partying for days on end without any sleep, crashing, and then starting over the next week it just got ridiculous for me. Who knows? If I had stayed, maybe something similar would have happened to me. God only knows how many close calls I've had! Suffice to say, I'm going back home to DC this weekend for my little brother's wedding. I have no idea what's going to happen when I try to track down my old gang to see what they're up to now.

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Jeff in MN said...

Hey Mike! That's something to be proud of, I think. Woo! I say a BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Go back to DC and show the old gang who has his act together!!