Friend (Sandy Rivera Remix) - Silky Sunday

I'm really REALLY digging this song right now. I heard it on the Star69 Records podcast (mixed by progressive house dj's r.o.r.) over the weekend.  The sad and haunting vocals on it are just mesmerizing. Yes, the boy who's all about the klink-klank bonk-bonk beats is completely enamored by this .... minimal electronica/house ballad?!?!? So much so, that I even BOUGHT it! Wow. Can you believe it? LOL.

(There isn't much information on this group, but after a little investigation, this track was originally released LAST SUMMER on Rebirth Records from Italy! I'm late again. Anyways, great review of it here. Also look out for another amazing remix by Jerome Isma-Ae from Germany.)

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