Paper thin.

I'm not really sure what the big fuss is about with SEX AND THE CITY 2 .  All the critics who are panning it for being so blatantly vapid and materialistic and incredibly unrealistic are basically stupid straight men.  LOL.  I feel really sorry for those who actually take it 'seriously.'  In any case, I ended up watching it while on vacation back in DC a few weeks ago.  I totally loved it and was happy to see another episode in the series.  The infamous John Galliano for Christan Dior dress makes a reappearance.  I was actually living in New York City when the original episode aired and SJP wore it in 2000.  I even distinctly remember walking past the Dior boutique on 57th Street every day after work and simply staring at the window for a few moments.    (Wow -- did I just blog about 'vintage' couture???  If you didn't know by know that I'm a big ol' gay, well.....)

(from David's Daily Dramas)

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